The Future of Sneaker Software

Oculus AIO boasts a veteran team with over 20 years of experience in development and computer engineering for top fortune 500 companies. The developers specialize in Artificial Intelligence which has been incorporated into this powerful software making it years advanced than the competition.

Mission Statement

Oculus AIO aims to provide customers with the best chance of securing your desired products with the latest artificial intelligence software. The goal of Oculus AIO is to provide a successful product to exceed customer's expectations, provide excellent customer service with instructions that will guide end users on how to successfully run a release, and build a successful software embracing fair, and ethical business practices.


Automatic Captcha Solver

Oculus AIO integrates Artificial Intelligence to automatically solve those pestering captchas making it the first sneaker bot to tackle this task successfully.

Artificial Intelligence

Oculus AIO utilizes Artificial Intelligence that picks up website updates which try to trick users during releases by encrypting keywords or changing hyperlinks. This especially comes useful during hyped releases as the software can detect this and still choose the desired item.


We provide 24/7 discord support as well as set up information for new releases and answer questions as soon as possible via Twitter.

Proxy Tester

A easy to use, simple proxy tester to ensure that proxies are working correctly and efficiently for the desired site.

Mass Link Change

Provide an easy to use mass link change for quick updating of tasks when you need them the most.

User Friendly Interface

An effective intuitive interface that is self explanatory to users and easy to use.

Other Included Features

Simple UI

Fast auto-checkout

Multi-tasking And Multi-threading

Proxy Tester

Artificial Intelligence Incorporated

Advanced Software

Restock Scanner

Captcha Storage

Built In Web Browser

Support For Clothing And Sneakers

Advanced Retrying

Keyword Searches


Auto-start At Release

Advanced Queue Bypass System

Supported Sites